EMV Compatibility for VeriFone VX Series Terminals

The following terminals are compatible with the VeriFone VX805 EMV/Apple Pay PIN Pad:

Vx510-VX805-300x300–   VX510 Dual Comm (TIP: on the back of the terminal, look for a “10 Base T” port to verify it is a Dual Comm terminal) Dial only terminals will need to be replaced.

–  VX570 (dial only or dual comm)

If you have one of these terminal models, you will only need to purchase the VeriFone VX805 pin pad to become EMV compatible. It will plug into the back of your current terminal. These terminals will be activated and ready to use in late summer but you can call us to reserve yours now – cost is $234 + $20 encryption fee. The EMV compatibility deadline is October 2015.

Don’t see your terminal model listed? Contact us for more information or click here to learn more about EMV.