Credit Card Processing Terminals

Store Front Terminals

Best Card understands that each business has unique needs and that is why we provide a variety of terminal solutions. Most of our terminals are universal which means they are compatible with different merchant service providers and they offer the choice to process transactions over the Internet or through a telephone line. Contact us to learn more about our store front terminals. Click on each terminal to learn more.

First-Data-FD-130 FD200 FD400
First Data FD130 Store Front Terminal
First Data FD200 Store Front Terminal with Check Reader
First Data FD400 Store Front Wireless Terminal


FirstDataFD35 VX520 VX520
 FD35 EMV/NFC Compatible Peripheral
VeriFone VX 520 EMV Store Front Terminal
VeriFone VX 520 EMV & ApplePay Store Front Terminal


VerifoneVX805 VerifoneVX805 paxs80
 VeriFone VX 805 EMV/NFC Compatible Peripheral  VeriFone VX 805 EMV Compatible Peripheral Pax S80 Store Front Terminal


hypercomL5300 equinoxL5300
Equinox L5300 Customer-Facing Terminal with Contactless Equinox L5300 Customer-Facing Terminal

Mobile Card Readers

Whether you process $500 per month or $1,000,000; we have a mobile credit card processing solution for your business. Our services are compatible with almost all smartphones and tablets so you can now accept payments on the go! Contact us to learn more about our mobile credit card processing solution.










Online Payment Gateways

Provide your customers a way to make payments online or simply process transactions using your computer with our easy-to-use online terminal. Best Card offers industry leading payment gateways, providing a secure way to process internet transactions that can be easily imported in to Quickbooks! Click the links below to view screen shots of our online terminal. Contact us to learn more about our online processing.

Online Payment Terminal