Customized Gift Cards & Loyalty Programs

Custom Gift Cards

Gift Cards – The most popular selling single item for businesses – over 80 percent of the top 100 retailers in the United States – is their gift card. And, about 15 percent of all gift cards are never even redeemed; leaving you with more cash in your pocket! Now is the time for you to grasp the opportunity and start your own customized program.

You can customize the gift card with your company logo providing the look and feel similar to those of the large national chains, except yours will be designed with a price that you can surely afford – no matter the quantity.

Whether you have a single location, are a multi-store operator or franchise, Best Card has a gift card program style that will work for you. Single store operators can take advantage of the simplicity of gift card account information being stored locally, while multi-store operators can optionally implement the flexibility of a web-based account database where customers are allowed to purchase or redeem their cards at one of many locations. To learn more about our gift card program and how it can increase your business’ profitability, please contact us.

Loyalty Program – On average, returning customers spend 33 percent more than first time customers. One profitable way to market to your existing customer base is to provide a loyalty program and provide them with rewards to keep them coming back. The most popular types are frequency based programs, dollar based programs, and points based programs. With our intelligent loyalty program system, you will receive detailed reporting that allows you to collect valuable demographic information including age, location, email address; as well as, the ability to design your own customized cards.


According to a study by the global business firm, Baines and Company, a 5 percent increase in customer retention can increase a company’s profitability by 75 percent. To learn more about our loyalty programs, please contact us.